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Learn AI design and master the tools that reinvent the world of marketing and design
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AI tools and methods that you will learn in the course



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Image generators, LLM's and AI in video 


Learn from a world-renowned expert


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This is not a question of "whether to get on the train or not?" The train left the station long ago!

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סדנת עיצוב בבינה מלאכותית.jpg

This is not a trend, it's a revolution! Every day you're not in the game is a month you'll have to catch up on!!

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Evyatar Edri


Evyatar is an AI expert who teaches AI and AI design at academic institutions in Israel as well as in private sector worldwide. He is the CEO and Founder of "Fuzz New Media" - a digital marketing agency and graphic design studio, and he administers the largest community of graphic designers in Israel.


As an AI expert, Evyatar provides AI services to the largest companies in Israel and the world, and with his team of experts, they build AI systems for the corporate sector and private clients.


The unique combination of Evyatar's skills in digital advertising, graphic design, AI tools, community management and monetization, and social marketing, allow him to think outside the box and provide unique solutions that combine diverse fields of expertise.

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Three Evyatar's - none of them real :)


A taste of the companies I work with


this reporter is not real, and neither is his voice

Course structure

The course consists of 5 live zoom sessions (there are also recordings!) in which I will teach you all you need to know about AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, Claude2,, Runway Gen1  Gen2, and much more! I will present a very wide range of tools, advanced techniques, tips and lots of live demonstrations.​ 


The content is constantly updated according to innovations and technological developments. Each lesson is an hour and a half to two hours long (and some are a little longer). Between sessions there are "homework" (practice assignments) and even online exams with grades.

Even if one of the dates does not suit you, there is a recording for each class!



מבנה הקורס

AI will not replace you.

People using AI tools might!


80% of marketers testify that AI tools are making their content more personalized for their target audiences


2.7 hours per day. That's the average number of hours saved per day through the use of generative tools


60% of businesses and organizations use artificial intelligence tools to improve and streamline their work


From a research by HubSpot on GAI (Generative AI) among marketing and sales professionals in Asia Pacific (APAC)

Have you heard about Fiverr's AI art contest (of which I happen to be one of the judges)?!


We start from the bottom and slowly climb up. Important questions to ask before setting out (which we will answer during the course)

  • How and where do we start?

  • What exactly is artificial intelligence and how do the different tools computational models work?

  • Getting to know the leading AI tools, when is it right to use each tool and what are the pros and cons of each tool?

  • How much does all this goodness cost?

  • How do we sign up for the different tools, which tools are free and which cost money?

  • What is allowed for commercial use and what isn't?

  • What is a prompt and how do you write it?

  • Do I have copyrights on the content I generated?

  • What is the difference between generic ai image and good ai art?

  • How do we work properly with interfaces and settings?

  • How do we leverage the benefits of an open source world and content sharing?

  • How do we refine creation through the "generations" method? (Trial and error and trial and inquiry).

  • A new world of possibilities: How does artificial intelligence allow me to shorten processes?

כלים ושיטות

Get a taste of the content, methods and techniques I will teach you during the course:


  • Working with image generators.

  • Working with large language models (LLMs).

  • Working with voice generators and building a voice model.

  • Designing with artificial intelligence.

  • AI design based on reference image (Image to Image).

  • Manipulate an existing image with AI.

  • The art of prompt engineering (Text to Image).

  • Embedding faces on an existing image (Face Swap).

  • Building a realistic model of a character / object / animal.

  • Image corrections with Inpainting and Outpainting.

  • Vector design with artificial intelligence.

  • Website specification and design with artificial intelligence.

  • Changing a character's expression/emotions. Integration between tools and software.

  • Writing prompts using language models.

  • AI vector logo design.

  • Using prompt generators and extracting prompts from an existing image.

  • Maintaining continuity in an existing design.

  • Creating sets of characters / icons with identical graphic language.

  • Audio processing with artificial intelligence.

  • Video processing with artificial intelligence.

  • Enlarging files and increasing resolution with AI.

  • AI tools for architects and interior designers.

  • Working with seed numbers, the remix button, blend option, zoom out and pan bottons.


Here's a (partial) list of tools i will teach you:

  • Midjourney

  • ChatGPT

  • Claude

  • Bard

  • Dall-E


  • Astria

  • Photoshop Beta

  • Adobe Firefly


  • Blue willow

  • Lexica

  • D-id

  • HeyGen

  • Runway

  • Wonderstudio

  • BigJPG

  • Gigapixel

  • Looka

  • ChatPDF


  • Getfloorplan

  • InsightFaceSwap

  • Midjourney Prompt Helper

  • PromeAI

  • Deepmotion

  • Leiapix

  • Pebblely

No fine print and no sales pitches - the same high quality, professional course that has already been held live dozens of times in front of thousands of participants, that will teach you quickly and efficiently everything you need to know about operating the game-changing AI tools

עיצוב בבינה מלאכותית - אביתר אדרי.jpg
קורס בינה מלאכותית.jpg

Why you should choose my course and how it differs from other courses?

  • It's always live, but there are also recordings! You're not sitting in front of pre-recorded content - you can ask questions, request expansions, clarify and get answers on the spot. Want to review the material? Missed a session? The date doesn't work for you? No worries - you also have a recording of each session and you can also re-join future sessions in the next cycle to refresh and stay updated.

  • Working with a global AI expert: You get a lesson from an AI expert who works with the largest companies in the world (like Microsoft and Fiverr), provides AI services and builds AI systems for commercial companies and private clients.

  • Because of the experience! You get an experienced lecturer who lives and breathes the profession, teaches AI and AI design at academic institutions in Israel as well as in private sector worldwide. Evyatar have made dozens of workshops, lectures and courses about ai, attended by thousands of participants!

  • A learning ecosystem: Learning doesn't end when the course ends. This is not a course - it's a community! You have a set of tools that continue with you: written guides, recordings and most importantly - you join the graduates group, where you will find participants from my courses who have already gone through what you went through. This is the place to ask, stay up to date, get answers to difficulties and share. And of course - I'm there too!

  • Real learning based on practice! The only course with online exams and homework assignments between sessions! And yes... there is also a certificate of completion detailing the content and methods you learned :)

  • Early access: I usually get early access to new tools to try them out and write about them. The course is accompanied by a blog and newsletter in which I write about these tools, new workflows and software worth getting to know. I also make sure to subscribe to any new tool that comes out and try it before recommending it, so you don't have to spend unnecessary money.

  • The only course with a connection to social media and practical marketing! In my daily work I run a digital advertising agency working with very big names (in Israel and worldwide). I accompany businesses and colleagues and manage the largest designer group in Israel. Within the course you will find unique content that exists nowhere else, such as "Generating content for Instagram and growing followers with AI based bots", or innovative content like "AI in video".

Don't listen to me - listen to them

אביתר אדרי -קורס עיצוב בבינה מלאכותית.jpg

Suitable for all ages and no prior knowledge, equipment or drawing experience required! There is no need for advanced softwares or a powerful computer... anyone can do it (even suitable for children).

Want more details?

Want to invite me to teach AI in your company or organization? Email me

כמה זה עולה?
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